Business Organisation
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Business Organisation


  • Nature and Scope of Business
  • Evolution of Business
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility of Business
  • Forms of Business Organisation-Sole Proprietorship and Partnership
  • Forms of Business Organisation-Joint Stock Companies and Meetings and Resolutions
  • Forms of Business Organisation - Co-operative Enterprises
  • Public Utilities
  • Public Enterprises
  • Plant Location and Layout
  • Size of Firm and Scale of Operations
  • SSI's DIC's and Industrial Estates
  • Stock Exchanges
  • Business Combinations
  • Trade Associations
  • Insurance


By: C.D. Balaji & Dr. G. Prasad
For: B.Sc., B.A., M.B.A., I.A.S. & Other Competitive Examinations.
Condition NEW
Edition/Regulation 1st Edition
Publication Margham Publication
Writer C.D. Balaji & Dr. G. Prasad
ISBN-10 9381430764
ISBN-13 9789381430767

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