Business Ethics and Values
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Business Ethics and Values



  • What is Ethics? Background and Basis
  • Business Ethics : Definition, Role and Importance
  • Impact of Ethics on Business Policies and Strategies
  • Role of C.E.O : Impact on Business Culture
  • Types of Ethical Issues : (Bribery; Theft; Coercion; )
  • Deception and Discrimination
  • Internal Ethics of Business (Hiring, Promotions, Wages, Jobs and Exploitation)
  • Discipline and Whistle Blowing
  • External Ethics of Business: (Markets; Consumers and Fair Prices)
  • Ethics in Advertisement and False Claims
  • Environmental Protection and Ethics
  • Approach to the Problem of Pollution Control
  • Social Responsibilities of Business


By: Dr. S. Sankaran
Publication Margham Publication
Writer Dr. S. Sankaran

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