The Text Book of Building Construction
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The Text Book of Building Construction byS. P. Arora , S. P. Bindra

ISBN-10 :8189928805

ISBN-13 :9788189928803

The Text Book of Building Constructionis a comprehensive book for undergraduate students of civil engineering. The book comprises of chapters on functional planning of a building, building materials, soil investigation and testing, foundations, masonry construction, damp prevention and fire protection, and miscellaneous structures. In addition, the book has suitable illustrations and diagrams for the students to understand the concepts better.

About the Authors

S. P. AroraandS. P. Bindraare Indian academic authors and educationists.

S. P. Arora has also authoredA Textbook of Railway Engineering.

S. C. Bindrais also the author ofA Course in Highway EngineeringandPrinciples and Practice of Bridge Engineering.

Table of Contents

1. Preamble
2. Introductory Building TerminologyGroups 1 to 12
3. Functional Planning of Buildings
4. Functional Requirements of a Building and its Components
5. Building Materials (or Materials of Construction)
6. Soils, their Investigation and Testing
7. Foundations
8. Masonry Construction
9. Framed Structures and Partitions
10. Damp Prevention and Fire Protection
11. Arches and Lintels
12. Ground and Upper Floors
13. Vertical Transportation
14. Doors and Windows
15. Roofs and Roof Coverings
16. Miscellaneous Structures
17. Building Finishes (Group A)
18. Building Finishes (Group B)
19. Plumbing Services
20. Acoustics and Sound Insulation
21. Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Thermal Insulation
22. Anti-Termite Treatments in Buildings
23. Wood-Joinery, Structural Steel Work and Cement Concrete
24. Temporary Supporting Structures and Concrete Construction
25. Construction Management, Control, Valuation and Demolition of Buildings
26. Construction Equipments.

Publication Dhanpat Rai Publications
Writer S. P. Arora, S. P. Bindra
ISBN-10 8189928805
ISBN-13 9788189928803

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