Financial Accounting - For B.Com. | T.S. Reddy & A. Murthy
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Chapters at a glance

  • Introduction to Accounting
  • (a) Basic Accounting Concepts and Conventions
    (b) The Accounting Cycle - Books and Records
  • Trial Balance
  • Rectification of Errors
  • Final Accounts
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Average Due Date
  • Account Current
  • Sale or Return
  • Provisions and Reserves
  • Depreciation Accounting
  • Fire Insurance Claims
  • Single entry system
  • Self Balancing Ledgers and Sectional Balancing
  • Investment Accounts
  • Branch Accounts
  • Departmental Accounting
  • Hire purchase and installment purchase systems
  • Insolvency Accounts
  • Royalty Accounts
  • (a) Partnership - Fundamentals
    (b) Partnership - Final Accounts
  • Admission of a Partner
  • Retirement, Retirement cum Admission & Death of a Partner
  • (a) Dissolution of a firm
    (b) Amalgamation of Firms
    (c) Sale of Partnership to a Limited Company
  • Consignment of Accounts
  • Joint Venture Accounts
  • Accounts of Non-Profit Organisations
  • Bills of Exchange


By: T.S. Reddy & A. Murthy
For: B.Com. Course of all South Indian Universities.
Publication Margham Publications
Writer T.S. Reddy & A. Murthy

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