Basics of Structural Dynamics and Aseismic Design | Damodarasamy S. R. Kavitha S.
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Basics of Structural Dynamics and Aseismic Design, published by Phi Learning Private Ltd., is a comprehensive book for B.E./B.Tech. students of Civil Engineering and M.E./M.Tech. students of Structural Engineering. It comprises of concepts like Earthquake Engineering such as Structural Dynamics, Seismology, Seismic Analysis and Aseismic Design. Design Philosophy, Capacity Design and Codal Provisions are also discussed. Each chapter contains solved examples and many illustrations and figures for better comprehension.

About Phi Learning Private Ltd.

Phi Learning Private Ltd. was founded in the year 1963 and has been one of the leading publishing houses of textbooks and academic books in India ever since. They have been publishing books in the areas of study of Engineering, Sciences, and Management, Computer Science, Social Sciences and Humanities among many other subjects. Their books are widely read and used not only by students but also teachers and professionals in various fields. They develop and publish books by choosing the most elite academicians from various backgrounds as authors, including the IITs and IIMs and other famous educational institutions. Some of the books published by Phi Learning Private Ltd. are Object-Oriented Programming, Veterinary and Animal Science, Internet Security and Acceleration, Human Resource Informationand Metallurgy and Materials Engineering.

Table of Contents

Preface Chapter
1 Elements of Vibration Chapter
2 Undamped Free Vibration of SDOF System Chapter
3 Damped Free Vibration of SDOF System Chapter
4 Response of SDOF System to Harmonic Excitation Chapter
5 Response to Periodic Loading Chapter
6 Response to Impulse Loading Chapter
7 Two Degrees of Freedom System Chapter
8 Multiple Degrees of Freedom Systems Chapter
9 Elements of Seismology Chapter
10 Response Spectrum Chapter
11 Effect of Soil Properties and Damping on Seismic Performance of Structures Chapter
12 Liquefaction of Soils Chapter
13 Concept of Aseismic Design of RC Structures Chapter
14 Codal Provisions for Seismic Analysis of RC Buildings as per IS1893 (Part 1):2002 Chapter
15 Step by Step Procedure for Seismic Analysis of RC Buildings Chapter
16 Codal Provisions for Ductile Detailing of RC Structures Subjected to Seismic Forces Chapter
17 Aseismic Design of a Multistorey RC Building Based on IS13920:1990 Chapter
18 New Techniques in Aseismic Design Index

Language: English

Publisher: Phi Learning Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN-10: 812033843X

ISBN-13: 9788120338432

Length: 320 Pages

Publication PHI Learning
Writer Damodarasamy S. R. Kavitha S.
ISBN-10 812033843X
ISBN-13 9788120338432

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