Automation, Production Systems and Computer Integrated Manufacturing | Mikell P. Groover
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Automation, Production Systems and Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Author: Mikell P. Groover

Language: English

Publisher: Pearson

ISBN-10: 8120334183

ISBN-13: 9788120334182

Length: 832 Pages


This thoroughly updated version of Automation, Production Systems, And Computer-Integrated Manufacturing is an orderly devised textbook that is best suited for both graduate and undergraduate engineering courses and covers all major aspects of the subject ranging from the basic concepts to the advanced state-of-the-art technologies.

Summary Of The Book

Revised carefully to keep up with the syllabus requisites, this third edition ofAutomation, Production Systems, And Computer-Integrated Manufacturingserves as a handy reference as well as a classic classroom text for several engineering courses including production engineering, mechanical engineering and aeronautical engineering. Besides discussing various production systems, their automation and material handling, it also explores the latest methods being tried and adopted in terms of designing new manufacturing approaches.

In its 6 well structured parts, the book holds 26 chapters that comprise modules such as Manufacturing Operations, Industrial Control Systems, Industrial Robotics, Manual Assembly Lines, Cellular Manufacturing, Inspection Technologies, Concurrent Engineering and more. In this improved edition, Groover elaborates more on actuators like electric motors, engineering equations regarding the handling of such actuators, CAD/CAM techniques, etc. He has also included a few completely new sections in order to keep the text up to date with the current industry standards and learning requirements. These sections include the ones on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), Six Sigma, and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). The volume even provides a much detailed coverage on Lean Production and other quality programs.

Each chapter is followed by a set of practice problems and review questions which help students in applying the concepts learnt. In an attempt to maintain a quantitative approach, the author explains relevant engineering equations, their mathematical derivations, and the guidelines for their practical application, all in a very lucid and easily understandable manner. He also quotes quite a number of vignettes and historical notes concerning automation technology's origin and background.

About Mikell P. Groover

Mikell P. Groover is an American engineer and professor.

Fundamentals Of Modern Manufacturing: Materials, Processes, And Systems, Work Systems And The Methods, Measurement, And Management of Work, CAD/CAM: Computer-Aided Design And Manufacturing, and Industrial Robotics: Technology, Programming, And Applicationsare his other books.

Groover attended Lehigh University in Pennsylvania where he acquired a B.A. in Arts and Science, a B.S. and an M.S. both in Mechanical Engineering, and a PhD in Industrial Engineering. He began a professional engineering career by joining the Eastman Kodak Company as one of their manufacturing engineers. But he soon realized his love for teaching and joined the faculty of Lehigh University in the year 1966 and worked there until he retired as a Professor Emeritus in 2010. During his teaching career, he has taught for a number of courses in the disciplines of Production Systems, Material Handling, Facilities Planning, Automation and Robotics, and Manufacturing Processes and has headed various research projects for companies like Hershey Foods, Ingersoll-Rand and Bethlehem Steel. He has been the recipient of many awards including the Albert Holzman Outstanding Educator Award, and the M. Eugene Merchant Manufacturing Textbook Award. A fellow of both IIE and SME, his technical articles have appeared in reputed publications all over the world.


Table of Contents

About the Author


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Manufacturing Operations
Chapter 3 Manufacturing Models and Metrics

APPENDIXAveraging Procedures for Production Models


Chapter 4 Introduction to Automation
Chapter 5 Industrial Control Systems
Chapter 6 Hardware Components for Automation and Process Control
Chapter 7 Numerical Control

APPENDIX A7 Coding for Manual Part Programming

APPENDIX B7 Part Programming with Apt

Chapter 8 Industrial Robotics
Chapter 9 Discrete Control Using Programmable Logic Controllers and Personal Computers


Chapter 10 Material Transport Systems
Chapter 11 Storage Systems
Chapter 12 Automatic Identification and Data Capture


Chapter 13 Introduction to Manufacturing Systems
Chapter 14 Single-Station Manufacturing Cells
Chapter 15 Manual Assembly Lines
Chapter 16 Automated Production Lines
Chapter 17 Automated Assembly Systems
Chapter 18 Cellular Manufacturing
Chapter 19 Flexible Manufacturing Systems


Chapter 20 Quality Programs for Manufacturing
Chapter 21 Inspection Principles and Practices
Chapter 22 Inspection Technologies


Chapter 23 Product Design and CAD/CAM in the Production System
Chapter 24 Process Planning and Concurrent Engineering
Chapter 25 Production Planning and Control Systems
Chapter 26 Just-in-Time and Lean Production

Publication Pearson
Writer Mikell P. Groover

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