ASP.NET Developer's Guide
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ASP.NET Developer's Guide 1st Edition by Greg Buczek from Tata McGrawhill

Your Professional Resource for Developing ASP.NET Applications

Delve into the next generation of Active Server Pages with this comprehensive resource. Featuring complete details on syntax, structure, and controls, this book explains how ASP.NET offers a revolutionary new approach to developing dynamic content for the Internet or an intranet. Using an object-driven approach to development, the book explains how to code in a variety of namespaces, manage data from multiple sources, and work with IIS and server directories. Plus, ASP.NET Developer's Guide features three chapters of sample applications--including code--that will allow you to develop a product catalog, shopping cart, and customer management e-commerce solutions.

  • Create and manage robust, extendable applications
  • Use Web services to share libraries and data with different operating systems and servers
  • Incorporate standard HTML and ASP elements
  • Manipulate database information through the Web and manage Web site content
  • Control rendering in individual browsers
  • Integrate the ASP.NET Mobile Web SDK into your development portfolio
  • Implement an online store featuring rotating products, shopping carts, and order management
  • Develop interactive solutions for company intranets

Table of Contents

Part I: ASP.NET Basics
Chapter 1: ASP.NET Language Structure
Chapter 2: HTML Server Controls
Chapter 3: Basic Web Server Controls
Chapter 4: Data List Web Server Controls
Chapter 5: Other Web Server Controls
Part II: Extra Controls and Classes
Chapter 6: IE Web Controls
Chapter 7: User Controls
Chapter 8: Request and Response Objects
Chapter 9: Additional Classes
Part III: Working with Data
Chapter 10: System.Data and System.Data.OLEDB Namespaces
Chapter 11: System.Data.SQLClient Namespace
Part IV: Advanced Issues
Chapter 12: E-Mail
Chapter 13: Application Issues
Chapter 14: Working with IIS and Page Directives
Chapter 15: Error Handling
Chapter 16: Code Behind and Code Libraries
Chapter 17: Creating Web Services
Chapter 18: Security
Chapter 19: Developing with Visual Studio.NET
Chapter 20: ASP.NET Mobile Web SDK
Part V: ASP.NET in Action
Chapter 21: Sample Application: Product Catalog
Chapter 22: Sample Application: Shopping Cart
Chapter 23: Sample Application: Working with Customers
Appendix A: ASP.NET VB Language Quick Reference


ISBN-10 : 0070499179

ISBN-13 : 9780070499171

Publication Tata McGrawHill
Writer Greg Buczek
ISBN-10 0070499179
ISBN-13 9780070499171

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