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Alternative Fuels by S.S. Thipse

ISBN-10: 8184950780
ISBN-13: 9788184950786

Alternative Fuels is a valuable reference book for students spanning several disciplines, such as Mechanical, Thermal, and Chemical Engineering, and for practising scientists and engineers who are engaged in the energy or allied fields.

Summary Of The Book

Traditional fuels such as petrol, diesel, and kerosene emit harmful gases, such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and sulphur dioxide. These gases contribute to global warming. As a result of heightened Global Climate Change due to Global Warming affecting the Earth, we have engaged ourselves in the search for alternative sources of energy that are non-poisonous and safe for future generations as well. Its in this context that alternative fuels emerge and hold great importance.

The book Alternative Fuels introduces its readers to basic concepts and principles, and provides detailed discussions on alternative fuels in use currently, such as bio-fuels, gaseous fuels, and synthetic fuels. It even discusses methods and techniques used in generating alternative fuels. Alternative Fuels includes a roadmap on alternative fuels and additional features on alternative power trains. In addition to benefitting students belonging to science and engineering, the book will prove useful for scientists and engineers working in research institutions and various other industries.

About S. S. Thipse

S. S. Thipse is the Senior Assistant Director at the The Automotive Research Association of India, Pune. Several books authored by Thipse include Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Internal Combustion Engines, Advanced Thermodynamics, and Cryogenics: A Textbook.

Edition/Regulation 1st
Publication Jaico Publishing House
Writer S. S. Thipse
ISBN-10 8184950780
ISBN-13 9788184950786

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