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Overview and Instructions Eight ideas - Components of a computer system - Technology - Performance - Power wall - Uniprocessors to multiprocessors; Instructions - Operations and operands - Representing instructions - Logical operations - Control operations - Addressing and addressing modes. Arithmetic Operations ALU - Addition and subtraction - Multiplication - Division - Floating point operations - Subword parallelism. Processor and Control Unit Basic MIPS implementation - Building datapath - Control implementation scheme - Pipelining - Pipelined datapath and control - Handling data hazards and control hazards - Exceptions. Parallelism Instruction-level-parallelism - Parallel processing challenges - Flynn's classification - Hardware multithreading - Multicore processors. Memory and I/O Systems Memory hierarchy - Memory technologies - Cache basics - Measuring and improving cache performance - Virtual memory, TLBs - Input/Output system, Programmed I/O, DMA and interrupts, I/O processors.

Author: Dhotre

Language: English

Publisher: Technical Publication

ISBN-10: 9350997142

ISBN-13: 9789350997147

Length: 216 pages

Publication Technical Publications
Writer Dhotre
ISBN-10 9350997142
ISBN-13 9789350997147

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