A Textbook of Theory of Machines | R.K. Bansal , J.S. Brar
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Table Of Contents:


2.Motion of Inertia

3.Velocity of Points in Mechanism

(A) Instantaneous Centre Method

(B) Relative Velocity Method

4.Acceleration of Mechanism

5.Mechanism with Lower Pairs


7.Belts, Ropes and Chain Drives

8.Brakes and Dynamometers


10.Gear Trains

11.Inertia Forces in Reciprocating Parts

12.Turning Moment Diagrams

13.Balancing of Rotating Masses

14.Balancing of Reciprocating Masses


16.Vibrations (Longitudinal and Transverse)

17.Torsional Vibrations


19.Computer-Aided Analysis of Mechanisms

20.Synthesis of Mechanism

21.Gyroscopic Effects and Gyroscope


Objective Type Questions Index Subjects: Engineering and Technology,Mechanical


Author : R.K. Bansal , J.S. Brar

Paperback: 1091 pages

Publisher: Laxmi Publications

Language: English

ISBN-10: 813180805X

ISBN-13: 9788131808054

Publication Laxmi
Writer R.K. Bansal , J.S. Brar
ISBN-10 813180805X
ISBN-13 9788131808054

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