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A Hand Book of Practical Auditing by ‚ÄčTandon B.N

This book will be useful not only to the students for examination purposes but will also be useful from practical point of view. The book does not claim any originality in regard to matter and facts since the author had to depend for these on standard books published in India and outside on the subject. He has, however, tried to present the facts in such a way as to make it easy for the students to comprehend them. It takes a special care to incorporate the latest Companies and other Acts as they refer to auditors and auditing. Legal cases have also been discussed at length. At the end of each chapter, questions set by universities and professional bodies are given. The book will prove to be useful not only to the students who are to take university examinations but also to candidates who take professional and competitive examinations in the subject.

Paperback: 672 pages

Publisher: S Chand & Company; Revised edition

Language: English

ISBN-10: 8121920418

ISBN-13: 978-8121920414

Publication S.Chand
Writer Tandon.B.N
ISBN-10 8121920418
ISBN-13 9788121920414

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