Business Communication | N.S. Raghunathan , B. Santhanam
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Business Communication


  • Business Communication - Definition, Process and Kinds
  • Non-verbal and Oral Communication
  • Barriers to Effective Communication
  • Requisites of an effective Letter - Principles of Business Communication
  • The Layout of Business Letter
  • Kinds of Business Letter
  • The Message and the plan
  • (a) Business Letters - Enquiries and Replies to Enquiries
    (b) Status Enquiry and Other kinds of Enquiries
    (c) Business Letters - Trade Enquiries
  • Business Letters - Offers and Quotations
  • Business Letters - Orders and Replies
  • Business Letters - Requests for Adjustment and Claims
  • Reply to Claim / Adjustment Letters
  • Business Letters - Collection Letters
  • Acknowledgement Letters
  • Letters of Complaints and Grievances
  • Business Letters - Sales Letters
  • Business Letters - Circular Letters
  • Agency Correspondence
  • Bank Correspondence
  • Insurance Correspondence
  • Letters of Application for a Job - Curriculum Vitae
  • Goodwill / Public Relation Letters
  • Foreign Trade - Export and Import Correspondence
  • Meetings, Agenda and Minutes
  • Company Secretary's Correspondence
  • Miscellaneous Letters
  • Reports and Report-writing
  • Specimen Reports
  • Miscellaneous Reports
  • Precis Writing
  • Business Communication in a High Tech Environment
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Communication Skills


By: N.S. Raghunathan & B. Santhanam
For: B.Com., B.B.A., B.Sc., B.B.M., B.C.S. & M.B.A. Courses.
Edition/Regulation 3rd Edition
Publication Margham Publication
ISBN-10 9381430403
ISBN-13 9789381430408

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